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Karity blush and bronzer palette – review 

Does anyone else feel naked without a little colour on their cheek bones? I definitely do. I find wearing the same colour on the cheeks day after day to be a very boring ritual which is why I love blush palettes. Today I’m going to be talking about karity’s blush and bronzer palette, and trust me, it’s a beauty.

This blush palette cost me just £12, that’s just over £1 per blush pan which in my eyes, is pretty darn cheap. The palette may be cheap in price, but quality is definitely not something that they have cut corners on with this palette. Each of the shades is buttery, pigmented and lost lasting which are definitely important things that I look for when selecting a blusher. The shades are beautifully blendable meaning that you don’t end up looking like an odd striped t-shirt and any mistakes can easily be buffed away with the help of a nice fluffy brush.

The palette contains 8 blush shades and 2 bronzer shades which are all extremely pigmented. The colour range is magnificent ranging from nudey pink to deep plum so there is definitely something for every occasion. The deeper colours are much more pigmented than the lighter colours so a light hand is needed during application otherwise you may end up with blusher that resembles a bruise – not cool! 

Once again, karity’s packaging is this black and white stripe design making them easily visible within your collection. I think this design is really very unique and looks gorgeous on my vanity. 

On the back of the palette each of the shades has been given a name which I love and of course, that happy little cruelty free bunny is there which makes me feel much happier to own this product as I am an animal lover.
Overall, this is a great palette with a wide shade range perfect for any occasion. Well done, Karity, you’ve stolen my heart.
Until next time,

Jaycee xo

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